Katy Kreation

2018, I wrote things?


This year has been a mess. I know, I know, you all think I mean politically and big picture and yes, sure that too. But I lost a lot of close family, had to move and change jobs suddenly, started new brain meds, just… a lot of personal, stressful things.

However, writing and career-wise it has been pretty good. I got a new, amazing job, I live by the beach now, and I published stuff for the first time this year! Some of it is eligible for awards, can you believe that shit? This is my first year of Campbell eligibility, as well.


Two Years Dead – Published by Fireside Fiction, 846 words

When I Was Made – Robot Dinosaur Fiction, 800 words

Tablecloth – Published in Fireside Fiction Quarterly (will be online in December), ~800 words


I also wrote a couple non-fiction things.

Master of the Universe – Library Journal – On Dungeons and Dragons in the library

Take the Cake – Fatventure Mag – On being fat in fitness spaces.